Using docker-compose to quickly deploy Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat is an open-source business communication platform that provides many features such as persistent chat rooms (channels) organised by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. The platform can be self-hosted. In this blog post I will detail the steps I used to quickly and reliably deploy Rocket.Chat platform on a Linux machine running Docker. Rocket.Chat […]

An Elegant way to use docker-compose to obtain and renew a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with Certbot and configure the NGINX service to use it

Docker and docker-compose provides an amazing way to quickly setup complicated applications that depends on several separate components running as services on a network. This is evident in the amount of time and effort docker-compose spare when deploying a certain web-app like Rocket.Chat or Zammad on a new host. Docker-compose allows for creating a single […]

Installing MicroK8s on Mac OS X

According to the official website, MicroK8s is a low-ops, minimal production Kubernetes for dev, cloud, cluster, workstations, Edge, and IoT. It is according to the documentation the smallest, fastest, fully-conformant Kubernetes that tracks upstream releases and makes clustering trivial. It is maintained by Canonical the company behind Ubuntu. Installing microk8s on Mac OS X […]

السلطة في سوريا وإلقاء اللوم

تلقي السلطة السورية اللّوم في انهيار سعر صرف الليرة والتضخم على العقوبات أحادية الجانب. الحقيقة هي أن السلطة السورية تعاملت مع احتجاجات عام 2011 بشكل غير حكيم وقصير النظر كلّف الاقتصاد السوري أكثر من طاقته وكلّف رصيد سوريا من العلاقات الدولية أكثر مما تطيق. .يدفع السوريون والسوريات ثمن أخطاء السلطة وسياساتها قصيرة النظر منذ 9 سنوات. 6 […]

Taking COVID-19 Seriously

The COVID-19 disease is one of the most serious epidemic outbreaks in modern history. Unless drastic measures are taken, by governments, organisations and individuals, it is going to be a global pandemic with serious consequences on people, economy and societies around the world. We should all take COVID-19 seriously.