– A curated list of useful URLs for the aftermath of earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria in February 2023

The 6th of February 2023, a massive 7.8 earthquake hit a region in southern Turkey very close to the borders of Syria, in the early morning hours as most people were still asleep followed by many aftershocks including a massive 7.5 magnitude aftershock that happened on the same day while people were undergoing rescue operations after the initial earthquake.

Credits: le Monde

The damage caused by the catastrophe is immense, the statistics that are getting out of the Turkish officials are devastating. What’s more, the lack of statistics from the Syrian side across the borders is very alarming. The hopes for survivors are diminishing quickly as the region was experiencing near 0 temperatures, strong wind, rain and snow. The the shortages of shelter, clean water, electricity, healthcare for the survivors is hinting at a secondary catastrophe if local authorities and the world do not act quickly.

I have compiled a list of URLs of organizations collecting donations for emergency response relief efforts in Turkey and Syria after the earthquake. The mentioned organizations have a good reputation and has been working in the region for many years.

I hope you will find it useful…

To deploy it quickly, I used WordPress, although I think it could be an idea for an Open-Source Web App project that spins up similar websites quickly and with many useful additional features. I hope that I will have time and energy to see this through.